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About me

This is me: a drawing and writing, analogue pen-and-paper-person who believes in the power of visual storytelling!

My artistic perspective is subjective and marked by my transcultural background as an Argentinian-German woman, globetrotter, care taker and social worker.

With handcrafted, mostly minimalist drawings, collages, comics and poems, I illustrate everyday life, imaginative ideas and the psycho-social, emotional impacts of present events on people. I want to express and promote empathy between people and awareness regarding social, cultural, political and environmental topics. But I also just like to provide an image to smile at, to think about or to identify with.

If you are interested in supporting my work, acquiring some of my finished pieces or get a personalized commission artwork, check out

And if you'd like to donate only once or make me a little gift like a coffee, pen or ice cream, that's great and always welcome. One time donation: paypalme/velocalali  

One little gift: paypalme/velocalali/2,5


You can also follow me on Instagram @velo_calali to get an insight into latest projects and new ideas.

Thanks a lot for your interest and support!

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