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Lia Calvelo

Karl-Marx-Allee 128

10243 Berlin

+49 (0)1520 472 13 82

Pricing for commissioned projects is calculated based on two factors:

working time + rights of use

1. hourly rate: 70 Euro

2. rights of use

Rights of use refer to the type, purpose, range, distribution and duration of usage

(e.g. exclusive, international, perpetual).

To calculate the rights-of-use-rate, the working time rate is multiplied by certain factors according to the requested rights. The multiplication factors are based on the standards provided by the German illustrators' organization Illustratoren Organisation e.V.

The final price is the sum of factor 1 and 2

Consultation, cooperation and print data transfer are usually included (exceptions reserved).

Unless otherwise agreed terms and conditions provided by Illustratoren Organisation e.V. apply for all commissioned work

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